Great kit! I love all the products. Pucker Lips has as a great soothing applicator. So happy with all the products.
Love how easy it to carry and use. Lip Bung is soft and creamy on the lips.
I highly recommend this kit.It makes my lips so soft & hydrated. It's definitely one of a kind.
This kit is a complete game changer for men. Its smells so good and my girlfriend loves it.
Science starts with understanding the problem.So,first, we took a closer look at everyday lip needs.Then, we created A range of advanced lip care formulated by SkinnCell’s own research & development team to get the right efficacy and product safety.
Specific solutions,delivered
In an industry full of all-in-one products, we are committed to formulating a range of specific, solution-oriented lip care products that cater to the unique lip needs of people from all walks of life with different lifestyle choices.
Full truths,no Bullsh*t
We consciously don’t promote fads and vague claims like c*u*ty-free ,v*g*n-friendly, etc. but rather we focus on enhancing your knowledge with the right information about our products, their efficacy and safety that help you make an informed decision. We are here to filter out BS.