We are reimagining lip care as we know it, as you know it. We are creating intentional and simple lip care for everyone. A range of lip care products that are scientific, superior and effective.

How are we innovating lip care?

For us, lip care is about our everyday lip habits. It’s about the concerns we hide under lip cosmetics. And more importantly, it’s about the science behind what our lips need and what’s right for them.

These beliefs and our goal to simplify lip care are at the centre of our product development process. We create products that are formula-first. Instead of creating multiple products for a single concern, we create powerful products with never-been-used formulas. 

All our formulas have only necessary key actives in their best forms. And they are thoroughly researched and rigorously tested by our team of in-house formulators and cosmetologists.


With specific, high-performance products. We are eliminating the walls of dead skin between you and your lip care with our scientific approach.

Specific Solutions, Delivered.

Unique Lips. Specific Lip Care.

In an industry full of all-in-one products, we are committed to formulating a range of specific, solution-oriented lip care that cater to the unique lip needs of people from all walks of life with different lifestyle choices.

Full Truths. No BS.

No vague claims.

We consciously don’t promote fads and vague claims like c*u*ty-free, v*g*n-friendly, etc. but rather we focus on enhancing your knowledge with the right information about our products, their efficacy and safety that help you make an informed decision.